About Harmony

Harmony Information Processing Solutions Inc. was incorporated by Greg Moneypenny in 1992 in Toronto, Canada.


For 35 years Greg has been employed as an I.T. professional for various companies within the Food Manufacturing, Automotive, Agricultural, and Aerospace and Defense industries. Greg has held many positions and numerous responsibilities and roles from designing, developing and maintaining software applications, to server, router, switching and other infrastructure deployment and administration. From there Greg moved into managing large technical projects (resources, schedule and budget) to eventually managing and building high performance I.T. teams.
Over the years Greg has managed Harmony as a side business and has provided varied professional I.T. services to a variety of clients from individuals to small and medium sized businesses. Greg focuses on quality service delivery, adding value wherever possible and providing individualized support at very competitive rates.
Now recently retired from corporate life, Greg has turned his attention to helping individuals and small businesses address their computer related issues and improve their use of technology to achieve their goals.