PC Services

PC Diagnostics, Repairs & Upgrades

Experiencing problems with your PCs? Greg can help. Harmony can diagnose your issues and provide economical solutions that will extend the life of your assets. Whether it is a repair to your hardware or operating system, or a simple upgrade to your system memory or storage space, Harmony is ready to assist. Greg can provide you with the advice you need to make good decisions surrounding your PC investments. Visit the Contact Us page to send Greg an email and get a free quote.

PC Optimization

PC Optimization & Threat Removal

Experiencing PC performance issues? Have you been infected by malware or other threat? Do you have numerous windows popping up whenever you surf the web? Does your system seem to have a mind of its own? Greg can determine if your system has been hijacked or infected and remove any threats found. Even if your machine is not infected, Harmony can tweak your system to get it operating reliably again. Visit the Contact Us page to send Greg an email and get a free quote.

Website Design

Website Design & Development

Every business needs a web presence and it's more affordable than you think. Web designs by Harmony can be an economical way for you to promote your business. Harmony provides modern and responsive Web Design & Development services to drive traffic to your website with responsive pages that look great on any device the content is being displayed upon. Harmony's custom solutions can include website design, development, SEO optimization, Social Media management & back-linking, Content management and support. Visit the Contact Us page to send Greg an email to obtain a free quote.

Process Improvement

Office Automation & Process Improvement

If you have you ever thought to yourself "is there any way we could automate this process" or "could we be getting more from our office systems"? Greg can help by leveraging existing MS-Office applications and automate your processes via programming. In addition, Harmony can deliver a variety of consulting services from requirements gathering and functional specifications generation to installations of operating systems or application software. Harmony can also provide systems assessment reports, procedural and risk assessment studies as well as I.T. policy & procedures development through to formalized work instructions and auditable evidence retention. Visit the Contact Us page to send Greg an email to obtain a free quote.

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

Preparedness / Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

What is your business preparedness status? Is your business ready to cope with a disaster however small or large? Greg can help by leveraging 30+ years of experience in administrating and managing data centers for small, medium and large business. Harmony can tailor make a custom solution that will ensure your business is ready to confront and recover from any situation. Visit the Contact Us page to send Greg an email to obtain a free quote.

Power Of Coding

In late 2014, Greg was asked by a local educator (his wife Tina) to develop the curriculum to teach children the basics of computer programming or "Coding". Since that time Greg has provided numerous lessons in beginner, intermediate and advanced coding principles. This included co-running summer coding camps with his wife Tina and another skilled local educator Jan Dance. The summer coding camp included "Learning to Code", "Robotics" and "Multimedia Management" through the use of iMovie and Dash Robots. The camp culminated with a "Robot Olympics" and an "Academy Awards" for the iMovie trailers. The coding clubs and camps have been covered a number of times by local media. Children who learn to code become empowered content creators and not just content consumers. The benefits of learning to code are enormous and varied and children who learn to code become empowered in many other areas of their lives. Greg continues to offer training in the Georgian Triangle area.